Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Democratic Precinct Meetings Planned March 8th

Oklahoma City, OK- February 28, 2007 - All politics begins at the local level and for Oklahoma Democrats precinct meetings are some of the most critical gatherings. The ODP has planned statewide precinct meetings on March 8th. Call the ODP at 405.427.3366 to find your local meeting or log onto and click the "calendar."

State Party Chairman Lisa Pryor said precinct meetings are the most critical meetings for proactive Democrats to attend.

"If you want to have a personal and immediate impact in building a better government, one that protects and serves the people of Oklahoma, this is your opportunity to have a voice in the Oklahoma Democratic Party," Pryor said. "Help build the party you want to see."

Delegates will cast votes at the County Convention (March 31), the District Convention (April 28th) and State Convention (May 19th).

Pryor said the path to victory begins at the precinct level.

"It is critical that we have participation at the March 8th precinct meetings. As Democrats our goals are to regain control of both the State House and State Senate, to reclaim a seat in the U.S. Senate, to help a Democratic candidate carry the state of Oklahoma in the presidential election in 2008," Pryor said. "I encourage all Oklahoma Democrats to get involved, to make a difference and be part of this vision. The road to change and the path to victory start on March 8th."

Oklahoma Democratic Party
Jason McCarty
Communications Director

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