Thursday, February 22, 2007

ODP Media Release

Pryor: Cargill Peddles Reform Pill, But Will He Take It?

Oklahoma City, OK- Feb. 21, 2007 - Republican House Speaker Lance Cargill is peddling a House Bill on Ethics and Lobbying Reform. But is the Speaker willing to take his own medicine?
Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairman Lisa Pryor said today it's interesting that the politician many people believe did the most skirting of the ethics rules in the last cycle has suddenly become the chief reformer. She challenged the Harrah Republican to come clean.

"If Lance Cargill is suddenly the champion of transparency in government, he should make the names of his 100 Ideas Initiative financial supporters public," Pryor said. "It looks like the fox wants to close the gate now that he is in the henhouse. If Lance Cargill wants to reform the way donations are made and lobbying is done at the State Capitol Building, he should lead by example."

She said voters should question why Cargill raised and spent so much money for a House race he won with ease. Pryor also said that until lobbyists at the Capitol are not strong-armed to donate to Republican leadership PACS just to get legislation heard, the whole bill is hollow pandering.

Pryor said Oklahoma House Democrats tomorrow are expected to offer amendments to the House Bill which will offer will solutions to open government.

Feb. 21, 2007
Oklahoma Democratic Party
Jason McCarty, Communications Director

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