Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wes Clark Continues to Disapprove Iran Invasion launched just yesterday, however, already over 11,000 people have signed their names to the petition. This goes to show that no matter how the press tries to spin information to favor Bush's intentions in Iran, the general public is not taking it anymore.

Today, a report was released stating that Iran has breached an agreement with the United Nations through expanding its efforts to enrich Uranium - an important element in the creation of nuclear energy. These efforts at nuclear energy creation have caused a stir in Washington, as relations with Iran are already compromised by the paranoia surrounding Iran's alleged military gifts to Iraq. While the Bush administration sees a direct relationship between the creation of nuclear energy and gifts to Iraq, it is important to get all the facts before jumping to conclusions.

The fact of the matter is that although the report shows an increase in the amount of Uranium Iranians are enriching, the numbers are actually far below the projected nuclear activity Iran publicly stated a year ago. Moreover, while nuclear energy has the stigma of being highly dangerous and inevitably linked to terrorist activity, quite the opposite is true. In today's world of limited resources, energy production has become a multi-alternative business. From wind and solar power to hydroelectric dams, energy must be produced for human consumption. This fact is unavoidable. What IS avoidable is war with Iran.

At this point, the Bush administration is publicly stating that they hope to use diplomatic means to solve the current situation... but then again isn't that what they said about Iraq? By placing more stringent sanctions on Iran, Bush is in essence limiting the ability of Iranians to create and use electricity, which just isn't our business. It's time for Bush to stop interfering with nations attempting to better themselves, and halt his crusade through the Middle East.

So, here's to hoping that limited information and the President's use of fear tactics will not lead to another Iraq-type situation. At this point in time, we are simply not needed, nor welcome in Iran.

-Nicole Morgan

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