Tuesday, February 20, 2007

News You Can Use

On Presidents Day yesterday I bought a book on blogging and podcasting.

All of the presidential campaigns are using blogs and podcasts to expand their reach into the virtual internet world of voters and contributors. The times, they are changing.

In Oklahoma, many of our Democratic candidates are using websites and some have added blogs and podcasting to their campaign strategies. They are also using online fundraising, as is the Oklahoma Democratic Party. Click here to donate to the ODP.

I hope to add podcasting to the ODP website and/or this blog soon.

Providing news and commentary about activity related to the party and our elected officials and current issues is a primary role of our communications director at the ODP. But why let him have all of the fun? So, I added this blog last year to provide a quick way to push out news and views of all of our state officers and HQ taff. Our regular readers will notice the different voices we have on the site, we'd like to include yours too, so, please, leave your comments, but do let us know who you are.

We all have our regular news sources, I regularly read the Washington Post, NY Times, Oklahoman and Tulsa World. For local news I read my hometown paper the Norman Transcript and I still read the Hobart Democrat-Chief too! I also read Daily Kos, MyDD, Crooks and Liars, the Hill Blog, the DNC Blog and a variety of other national blogs. I know Ben reads others, as do Jason, Teresa, Courtney and Lindsey.

And, yes, I also read the news and gossip at www.demookie.com.

(If you have a favorite blog that regularly posts news of interest to Oklahoma Democrats, leave a comment here promoting your favorites.)

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