Wednesday, February 21, 2007

John Edwards '08 in OK

At last weekend's State Central Committee meeting DNC Committeeman Jim Frasier reported that he raised $70,000 for Edwards at a mid-week noon time event in his Tulsa home last week. Other listed sponsors included Michael Atkinson, Glenn Beustring, Pat & Carolyn Carr, David Chernicky, Frank Frasier, John & Shirley Harlan, Steve Hickman, Tim Inman, Lilian Jayne, Tony & Brenda Laizure, Bob Lemon, Sen. Judy McIntyre, Larry Oliver, Phil & Memory Ostrander, Rep. Eric Proctor, and Jack Zurawik.

Another recent Edwards event in OKC reportedly netted $100,000. The Host Committee included Ed Abel, Lydia Barrett & Richard Denney, David & Heather Burrage, Mike & Aletha Burrage, Sean & Carole Burrage, Steve & Roberta Burrage, Simone & Peter Fulmer, John C. Goodson, Jack Mattingly, Sr., Jack Mattingly, Jr., Gordon Melson, Rep. Jerry McPeak, Sen. Mike Morgan, Bradley & Jada Norman, John B. and Cynthia Norman, John W. and Cecelia Norman, Jeff & Khristy Potts, Jason & Terri Roselius, Sen. John Sparks, Larry Tawwater, Sen. Stratton Taylor, Douglas & Amy Terry, Reggie & Rachelle Whitten, and John & Cindy Zelbst.

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