Friday, February 23, 2007

Dodd is the ideal Un-Hillary

Connecticut Sen. Christopher J. Dodd, has a very respectable political background. He was the youngest person ever to be elected as a Connecticut Senator. He also is the only Connecticut Senator to be re-elected five times.

"Affable and Irish, Dodd comes closest of anyone in the field to the raw political talent of a JFK or Bill Clinton. Dodd, who turns 62 tomorrow, looks like a white-haired lion out of ``Advise and Consent,'' not a Ken doll of a hundred focus groups."

Just like all the other candidates, he started well behind Clinton in the money race, but he has since begun to catch up, his five million dollar campaign fund is surpassed by only Clinton herself. He states that he will not shy away from asking the Wall Street Companies for money, even though he heads up the Senate Banking Committee. But he says that accepting this money will not affect his policy decisions.

He is said to have one of the greatest advantages that you can have in politics, and that is he's a natural who doesn't need handlers to position him. Even though he has only been a candidate for a short time, he has made some big waves.

-Eric Davenport

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