Monday, February 12, 2007

ODP Interns

The ODP is pleased to announce that we have seven interns for the spring semester. (Thanks Courtney for recruiting and working with these fabulous young Democrats!) They've each been assigned a presidential candidate and specific state legislators they will be tracking as the semester progresses.

We've given them blogging privileges for OK Blue Notes to post stories about their assigned candidates and legislators and to continue our efforts to expand outreach to young voters. (Youth vote is a growing force and at the ODP we are reaching out online through Facebook and MySpace to encourage civic engagement and for partybuilding.)

Check in with us often to read what our Next Generation of Democrats is thinking, seeing, believing. (And, thanks again to them for giving their time and talents to the Oklahoma Democratic Party!)

1 comment:

Becky McCray said...

Sounds like you are doing some innovative things. Thank you! We have to try new things constantly.