Monday, February 12, 2007

GOP doesn't like their Options
On the radio debate this morning we had a brief discussion of residency for candidates and senators, which seemed to be dropped after I pointed out the games Bush the elder played with having his "residence"be a hotel room! I was prepared to mention Cheney having to do some Wyoming homework as well back in 2000... the topic then switched on the "Mullins in the Morning" program (AM1000, KTOK, 7:35 a.m. every Monday morning) to the GOP field for President, and more specifically to Newt Gingrich. Why is Newt getting so much attention these days? Well even Doug Miller, my GOP opposite number, agreed with me a lot of conservatives can't believe their choices so far do not include a champion of the right. Newt is certainly that, and I will give him this much-he is NOT the traditional "think only about this election cycle" kind of politician. He is an effective debator and has a different agenda. This makes him very much the wild card in their race for the nomination.
On our side, I watched Obama's speech this weekend and I was proud of him. Just last summer I stood on those same steps in Springfield, and marveled at the sense of history there. Maybe new history was made on those steps this last weekend...

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