Thursday, February 01, 2007

DNC Winter Meeting Day 1

We arrived safely in DC, after de-icing the plane in OKC, and arrived at the hotel shortly after security cleared from this morning's National Prayer Breakfast held here.

Great to be here with so many Democrats from across these United States. The city has a different feel from the last time I was here...before the November elections. Everyone is excited about the great progress made by Speaker Pelosi and the House Democrats but that excitement pales next to the energy going into the presidential candidates this weekend.

Tonight Sen. Obama is hosting an event here at the hotel, and yes, the energy is Mick Jagger electrifying but not surpassed by the energy coming from Hillary's campaign. (Think about it, how many presidential candidates actually can campaign using their first name? There's Joe, Dennis, Chris, Wes, John, Mike, Bill, Tom, Barrack and Hillary.)

I received an email from Wes Clark's PAC providing the link for the DNC's streaming video of the speeches tomorrow and Saturday. The link is for those who want to follow the events as they happen here. Yes, the General will be speaking.

We'll attend the Rural caucus later today. Our National Committeewoman Betty McElderry serves on the Resolutions Committee and they are meeting this afternoon. I read the proposed resolutions on the plane again. We'll vote on them later in the weekend and I'll post them here once they pass. Several are directly related to Iraq while others address voting suppression and secure elections. (We are really fortunate in Oklahoma to have the paper and scantron ballots. Too bad other states aren't using the same. I know we are going to upgrade software soon, sure hope we are satisfied with it as we've been with the current version. Believe it or not some states use a variety of different voting machines throughout the state, we use the same one in every precinct. The mood here is that we will NOT ALLOW another election to be stolen.)

More later tonight!

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