Sunday, February 04, 2007

Westward Home

Headed home this morning early from the DNC Winter Meeting. Great speeches, better conversations, long meetings, important discussions about our party and the future of our country.

My head is spinning with ideas for action for Oklahoma Democrats as we approach our organizational meetings (precinct, county, district and state) next month. One thing for sure, our party needs energetic working leaders who are dedicated to making things happen at all levels. The DNC staff and leadership are reaching out to truly partner with our states and their commitment to building the party is greatly appreciated. Special thanks to Pam Womack, DNC Political Director, for her strong leadership for the Partnership Project and the 50 State Strategy.

Partybuilding is a top goal for new Democratic Governors Association (DGA) chair Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius who spoke to the state chairs yesterday. A strong party organization and collaborative leadership, she said, have proven that there is now "nothing the matter with Kansas." And she promised to take that message to the 28 Democratic governors and challenge them to join with her in building the Democratic Party. (Sebelius follows New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson as the leader of DGA. Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry serves on the Finance Committee for the DGA.)

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