Tuesday, February 06, 2007

ODP Celebrates Black History Month

Oklahoma City, OK- Feb 02, 2007 The observance of Black History Month offers all Oklahoma Democrats an opportunity to celebrate the great accomplishments and valuable contributions of African-Americans to the development of America.

“We are stronger as a nation and we are stronger as Democrats when we respect and honor all people. The celebration of the cultural and personal achievements of African Americans throughout history binds us together and inspires us to work more diligently toward securing equality for all Oklahomans,” said Lisa Pryor Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairman.

“As Democrats, we are especially proud of the deep connection and history between the African American community and the Democratic Party. From the civil rights movement to the modern struggle for social justice, Democrats are committed to ensuring that African Americans join all Americans in achieving the American dream. It is in this same spirit that we will continue to fight for equality and justice and speak out against discrimination and bigotry as we celebrate Black History all year round."

Pryor said the contributions of African Americans to our nation and our quality of life is obvious and important to all Oklahomans. She said, “our history is one with many diverse cultures co-existing under a common patriotism. As we celebrate we are reminded of the added richness that this diversity brings to our national story and the hope of the American dream, which crosses both racial and ethnic lines.”

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