Friday, February 09, 2007

Job Qualifications

It would be my worst nightmare to walk into a job interview and have my potential employer judge me solely on how much money I spent to get there. My clothes are less important than what I have to offer to this employer… right? Impressions are important, yes, but so are credentials. Do I have the qualifications? Do I have experience where experience is necessary? These are the important things when I’m trying to sell myself in the job market.

The same can be said for those running for president. With primaries inching closer every day, the yard signs are coming. Billboards will pop up along the road, and the endless radio and television commercials will be here before we know what hit us. Some things never change. But with all the visibility, will the candidates behind the signs and air-time have the experience that is crucial as this country moves forward?

Bill Richardson, current governor of New Mexico, is one candidate that hopefully can overcome the fluff put out by competitors to show us that he can hit the ground running.

Concerned with the environment? As governor of New Mexico he required that 10 percent of all energy come from renewable sources, and is now guiding the state in moving toward 20 percent. Incentives for such energy programs would not only decrease dependency on foreign sources, but it would also aid in the start to his plan to reverse global warming. During his term as Energy Secretary under the Clinton administration, he implemented efficiency standards to save energy. He’s got experience.

Need a job? Richardson has helped to create 84,000 new jobs in one of the poorest states in America. By creating jobs in industries associated with renewable energy, in the aerospace field and communications, Richardson has impacted not only the economy in New Mexico, but the lives of several thousand in his state. Now imagine that on a national scale. While serving in Congress, he helped in the passage of President Clinton’s economic plan that created millions of jobs, which in turn led to the first balanced budget in America in 30 years.

Foreign policy? Richardson agrees that terrorism is the United States’ number one national security challenge. Richardson’s experience negotiating the release of numerous hostages has given him a sense of respect with many foreign leaders, which is possible to lead to the restoration of America’s standing in the world. He knows what it takes in the real world to make things work, and he has the credentials to prove it. Serving as the Ambassador to the U.N. gave him time to work with world leaders that will be crucial in repairing the United States’ standing in the world. That’s proof.

Just by examining these three points, Bill Richardson has much more experience on his resume than the other candidates running for the Democratic ticket. It appears that he not only has the talk, but the walk to go right along with it.

When you see those signs in your neighborhood, watch commercials during your favorite show, or hear “I’m so-and-so, and I approve this message” on your commute to and from work, you may want to take a look at that candidate’s resume, not just at their flashy, expensive suit and those killer shoes.

-Lacey Earls, ODP Intern

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Cathryn Connors said...

I completely agree! I am going through the interview process, and it occurs to me how ridiculous it is to judge someone more on how they are dressed than on what they can contribute. We should definitely consider this when thinking about the upcoming candidates!