Sunday, December 03, 2006

School Board Elections

Filing for local school board elections is Dec. 4-6. Districts vary as to current openings so check out your local school board to see which posts are open for election. Qualifications for school board are outlined here.

Twenty seats are up for grabs in Oklahoma County and at least one in Cleveland County. Read more about it here.

As a former teacher I greatly appreciate the work of dedicated school board members and I fully understand how very political this position can be. According to a story in today's Sunday Oklahoman House Speaker Lance Cargill's first political activity was running for the school board in Harrah. The GOP then encouraged him to run for the state legislature and now he's going to be the country's youngest Speaker of the House. All I can say is if only a Democrat had won that seat on the school board!!!

While school board and municipal elections are typically "non partisan" they aren't non partisan. It's time for all good Democrats to step up and win seats on local boards and commissions.

If you are a Democrat and running for school board, city council, or mayor, please let us at the Oklahoma Democratic Party know. Call us at 405.427.3366. Or email me at

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