Monday, December 18, 2006

Clark's Theme

The theme on Wes Clark's Securing America site, in his speeches, and television appearances continues to be "It's Time to Lead." He's laid out a plan for a new direction. Oklahomans favored him in the 2004 presidential primary and I hear he's strongly considering a second run. While his strong suite is obviously national security and military affairs, he has developed well reasoned positions on the other issues that will be central to the 2008 campaign. While he make lack the star power of Clinton and Obama, well, maybe not, he IS a four star general, Clark takes a long view of leadership and history. Check out his blog at The General was the keynote speaker for a Democratic Party event in Stillwater in 2005.

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geezeweb said...

Wes gave his Take Back Our Flag speech in Stillwater, a precursor to the party's success here in Oklahoma. He also got involved in a number of races this last election cycle. If he is our Presidential Nomineee, I think it would help our Senate and Congressional Candiddates with their campaigns.