Thursday, December 07, 2006

Many Merry Democrats

What a great evening at the ODP HQ with so many volunteers talking about their accomplishments this cycle and enjoying the wonderful refreshments provided by the Oklahoma County Democratic Party officers Kitti Asberry, Ron Wasson, and Lynn Greene. We are always glad to have fellow Democrats at the Krumme Center and tonight was no exception. If I start listing everyone I talked to tonight I might miss someone, so I'll apologize in advance and try to list all from memory: Besides Kitti, Ron, and Lynn and our ODP staff Jason, Lindsey, Courtney and Teresa those attending included elected officials Rep. Scott Inman, Rep. Al Lindley, Rep. Anastasia Pittman and Sen. Debbe Leftwich. Also Louise S., Louise D., Pat Potts, Linda, Patty Presley, Debbie Hogue-Downing and Carl Downing, Dana Orwig, Emily Allen, Carolyn and Norman Taylor, Forrest Rush, Steve VanHook, Victor Gorin, Bill Clifford, Jeremy Hendricks, Russell Griffin, Ward Curtin, Cerita Morley, Jamelle Hollieway, Vicki and Will Langford, Christine Byrd, Harley Venters and at least 40 others.

Thanks again to all of the volunteers and party officials for a great year! (I promise pictures tomorrow.)

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