Monday, December 04, 2006

Oklahoma's Democratic National Committeemen and National Committeewomen

Since 1978 eight individuals have represented Oklahoma Democrats as National Committeeman and National Committeewoman. They are:

George Krumme (Bristow)
Edna Mae Phelps (Seminole)
Hannah Atkins (OKC)
Lou Watkins (Ada)
Sen. Vicki MIles-LaGrange (OKC)
Glorene Henley (OKC)
James E. Frasier (Tulsa)
Betty McElderry (Purcell)

These positions are filled by election every four years by a majority vote of delegates to a State Convention called pursuant to a National Call for the election of delegates to a National Presidential Nominating Convention of the Democratic Party.


mccurtaincountyyellowdog said...

Let's not forget our extra two committeepersons named by Howard Dean, Jay Parmley and Kalyn Free.

Lisa Pryor said...

Jay and Kalyn were both appointed to serve as At-Large members of the DNC.

The elected chair and vice-chair of each state party serve as voting members of the DNC along with the elected national committeeman and national committeewoman.

Thus Oklahoma currently has six voting members on the DNC.