Thursday, December 21, 2006

Minimum Wage Hike on First Order of Business

Even President Bush is jumping on the minimum wage hike wagon. And for good reasons, it's the right thing to do. Workers have waited ten years for a raise. Read today's story here. Last year a hardworking and committed group of mostly Democrats gathered signatures to put a minimum wage hike on the November 2006 ballot. The signature drive got a late start and was unable to raise the required number of signatures but the RAISE Oklahoma campaign gained strong support in the state legislature and from now Democratic Lt. Governor-elect Jari Askins. The Oklahoma Democratic Party's State Central Committee authored a resolution in support of the wage hike campaign in January. Expect to continue hearing from the RAISE Oklahoma organizers. They've formed a 527 organization - The Working Families Project - to carry on their mission here in Oklahoma. Learn more by visiting their website at

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