Sunday, December 03, 2006

POTUS Speculation

Whisper campaigns and speculation continue to swirl around the possibilities for '08 but with $10 million in the bank and a veteran political staff it appears that Sen. Hillary Clinton is opening up a new chapter in her campaign to be the United States' first female president. This morning's NY Times ran this story. (Hey, Turpen what do you know and when did you know it?)

Senator Barak Obama
is also working the talk shows and Democratic circles, measuring his capital to become the first African American President of the United States. His book tour and near "rock star" status could make him a strong frontrunner. (I was mesmerized by his speech at the 2004 DNC Convention in Boston and have started reading his new book The Audacity of Hope.)

Then there's Gov. Tom Vilsack who's moved beyond speculation by announcing his bid and hiring staff, including Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry's successful fundraiser Michael Hayden.

Senator John Edwards hasn't officially announced but in my opinion he never stopped campaigning from '04. His One America for All of Us mantra still resonates. He'll run strong here in Oklahoma where he came in second to General Wesley Clark. Edwards has shored his support in Oklahoma's Democratic legislative caucus by appearing at numerous fundraisers for the Senate and House PACs this past cycle.

Speaking of General Clark, you can be sure he won't wait much longer to make an official decision about his '08 bid for the presidency. His WESPAC was very active in the '06 cycle helping candidates across the nation. Watch for an announcement soon to end the speculation in this campaign or follow his activity on his Securing America website. (I was a Clark delegate to the '04 DNC Convention.)

Then there's Senator Joe Biden, who also recently hired someone with Oklahoma ties. Former Norman resident Tim Emrich left his post with former Governor David Walters at Walters Power International and is now working for the Senator who is definitely running.

Indiana Senator Evan Bayh, who has Enid, Oklahoma connections, is reportedly running, maybe he'll announce today on This Week with George Stephanopolus. Certainly would be a shame for him not to run, there are at least four websites already set up for a run.

Former vice-president Al Gore is expected to be a DNC favorite in '08. Yet, no formal announcement has been made about a second run at the country's top post.

Senator John Kerry is also expected to make a decision soon about a second run at the WH. But he's yet to release a new book or make headlines in the '06 campaigns.

For those who love to read polling reports check out this link for tracking on presidential hopefuls. There will be others but at the moment these are the most visible Democrats for '08, unless you are already committed, keep your powder dry. There's more to come!

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Chris Bryant said...

I'm reading Obama's book,too.I'm quite impressed.MY favorites now are:Edwards#1 with Obama and James Webb tied for second.I'm thinking a lot about electability and I'm not sure if Obama can win in November but I like like the way he thinks.

"New Republic" had an article about Bayh recently and convinced me he'd be an AWFUL choice.I still want a good POPULIST and Bayh sure isn't one.
Chris Bryant