Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Brrrrrr Coburn Freezing Out State Farmers

First it's the doddering Senator Inhofe denying global warming then it's Senator Coburn freezing out Oklahoma's farmers. Read about it here. He wants to block the ag disaster aid bill.

Now, my family farms out in southwest Oklahoma, mostly wheat and cotton. And to keep things interesting, and to pay the bills, they run cattle too. For a while we diversified and raised angora goats. It's a farming community with rock solid Oklahoma values of hard work and innovation. We could fix just about anything, at least temporarily, with some baling wire or duct tape. But we couldn't fix the weather or fuel prices. Last week's ice and snow storm came on top of disastrous drought conditions that resulted in fatal losses of this year's wheat crop and may severely damage the cotton crop. It's what you call "an act of God." And our Senator wants to play God with the agriculture appropriations bill.

It's time Oklahoma farmers had a voice in Washington, other farming states do. Oklahoma farmers need a Senator that will advocate for them, not just for the big pharmaceutical and oil companies. Senator Inhofe's term expires in 2008, who will challenge him? And who will challenge Coburn in 2010?

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