Sunday, December 24, 2006

Lining Up Campaign Staff for 2008

I'm hearing that people with Oklahoma ties are signing on with presidential campaigns, and I don't mean Clinton or Obama. Today's story in the Washington Post would lead readers to believe that no one else will successfully enter the primary campaign. However, word is that John Edwards will announce next week from the 9th Ward in New Orleans. He has a very strong following in Oklahoma and some very talented operatives lining up for him. Governor Henry's fundraiser Michael Hayden signed on with Vilsack, the earliest official entry into the primary campaign and Tim Emrich has signed on with Biden. Emrich was a primary candidate for SD 16 in Norman this year and has worked for the Clintons and for Oklahoma's former Governor David Walters. General Wes Clark has a strong following here also and may pull talent from the state if he decides to run. To read today's "Clearing the Field" story on the WaPo website click here.

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