Thursday, December 07, 2006

Prez Straw Poll

Over on Daily Kos a straw poll started yesterday shows Barak Obama and John Edwards tied at 28% each followed by Wes Clark with 27%. Bill Richardson and Hillary Clinton each get 5% with John Kerry and Evan Bayh at 2%. Tom Vilsack and Joe Biden get 1%. If you care about such things, go vote on the poll and watch the results come in.

So basically, it's Senator, Senator, General, Governor, Senator, Senator, Senator, Governor, Senator. Is there a pattern here?

Remember, JFK was the last Senator to win the White House. And don't forget that Bush, Clinton, and Carter were all Governors. The last General was Eisenhower.

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Jai said...

Eisenhower is the only general elected in 100 years. But he's also the only one who's run. That's 100% success.

Don't count Clark out too quickly. He's been knocking folks dead on the stump for others for the last year or so. Let's see how he does with with voters who get to see him up close and personal in Iowa, NV, NH and SC before we decide what his chances are, shall we?