Monday, December 04, 2006

ODP State Chairs and Vice-Chairs Since 1978

(I've been reviewing the ODP Constitution and Bylaws in preparation for the upcoming organizational year and thought it would be fun for you to be reminded of the people who have served as chair or vice-chair since 1978.)

Obera Bergdall (Enid) '78-83
James E. Frasier (Tulsa) '83-'87
Bill Bullard (OKC) '87-89
Pete White (OKC) '89-'92
Mike Turpen (OKC) '92-'95
Betty McElderry (Purcell) '95-'97
Robert S. Kerr, III (Poteau) '97-'99
Mike Mass (Hartshorne) '99-'01
Jay Parmley (Norman) '01-05
Lisa Pryor (Norman) '05-current

Robert M. Kerr (Altus) '79-'81
John Candliss (OKC) '81-'83
Betty Hall (Elk City) '83-'87
Betty McElderry (Purcell) '87-'95
James Sears Byrant (Enid) '96
Gene Wallace (Muskogee) '97
Debbe Leftwich (OKC) '97-'99
Melanie Hamilton (Tulsa) '99-'01
Debbe Leftwich (OKC) '01-'05
Ben Odom (Norman) '05-current

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