Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Congratulate the First Female Speaker

On January 4, 2007, Rep. Nancy Pelosi will be sworn in as the first female Speaker of the House, making history as the Democratic Party returns to the majority in Congress. Pelosi will become the highest-ranking woman to serve in government in American history.

Join us in congratulating Ms. Pelosi on this historic achievement and celebrate our new Democratic majorities by sending the Speaker a message on her first day!

Congratulate the First Female Speaker - Sign the card today at www.womensvotecenter.org

Sign up to have your name counted and your community represented. Because of your hard work in every corner of our country, Democrats will return to congressional leadership, and will be led for the first time in our country's history by a woman. On January 4th, the DNC will collect messages sent from around the country to the new Speaker. The female staff at the DNC will be honored to carry your voices of congratulations to the Speaker's Chambers.

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