Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Oklahoma is rising in reputation across the nation and will continue to be center stage if we will DREAM BIG and do the work to achieve great and mighty things, small and significant things and hold fast to the middle ground. Such was the admonition from Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry at yesterday's inauguration at the state capitol.

Indeed, it's time for Oklahomans to DREAM BIG. With an experienced leadership team of Democrats in the executive branch and strong, innovative leadership from the legislative branch, Oklahoma will rise to the top. Let's do the things we've talked about, dreamed about, and let's do it now! Whether your dream is education, infastructure, healthcare, energy, or entertainment Oklahoma has the ingredients for great success, not average, but GREAT. Let's get it started today.

Let's prove to this nation that Oklahoma is more than a musical, it's more than a football team, it's more than a twister. Oklahoma is better than OK, Oklahoma is Rising and will continue to prosper because of its people and their dreams, because of its people and their commitments to doing the hard stuff and making it look easy.

Send me your big ideas at chair@okdemocrats.org. Our party will do all it can do to share your ideas with opinion leaders and decision makers and work to find ways to accomplish big things for our state. DREAM BIG!

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