Monday, January 29, 2007

On KTOK's "Mullins in the Morning Show" this Monday, I got into a spirited discusssion with Doug Miller, my GOP debate partner in the media, and the host about the troop surge in Iraq. I have never had so many comments from people so soon after a cell phone was ringing the second we were off the air! This was a classic case of Republicans distorting both the issue and the stances of the two parties, as well as leaving out key facts to try and paint Democrats as people who don't support the troops. Well, like most of you I am sick of that sort of smear job, and I was ready to go on this topic. It is common on radio for right-wing hosts to take a sound clip from ONE Democrat, play it with no context, and then say "Aha! Look what the Democrats want to do!'-even if the opinion expressed isn't even in the majority in our own Party. These types of attacks are the staple of talk radio, but they don't work when there is an actual live person on the air to dispute their logic and conclusions. I was happy to point out a number of inconvienient facts to the opposite numbers today, such as Democrats are fully in support of the troops, support the war on terror, that the war in Iraq has been mismanaged by Bush, have voted for defense budgets of almost 500 billion dollars, and by the way...several Republicans and 80% of the American people think the troop surge won't work and is a bad idea. I enjoyed the exchange. If I had had one more minute, I would have pointed out to Doug that most of the people who were against intervention in WWII were Republicans! Catch the debate every Monday at 7:35 am, on the am 1000 dial

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