Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tom Cole is Strong Arming Democrats

Republican fundraising tactics have hit a new low. AJ Rexroat called us today to tell us the story of a phone call he received today from Tom Cole's office. If you do not know AJ is the Alfalfa County Chair. Cole's office wanted to solicit $700 from a devoted Democrat! When AJ politely declined they then asked if they could print his name in an arcticle saying he was supporting Tom Cole. Again, AJ politely declined. Cole's office would not take no for an answer! They then wanted $500, and when he declined again guess what they did? They asked him for $100!! Cole cannot get support from his cohorts anymore and now he is calling strong Democrats. Thanks for the call AJ...if any of you hear from Cole's office asking for money be sure to let us know!

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