Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pictures from the State of the Union Watch Party
(Yellow Dog Event)
Rep. Wallace Collins
Ryan Mc Mullen

Rep. James Covey

Rep. Scott Inman

Rep. James Covey, Rep Jabar Shumate

Rep. Neil Brannon , Rep. Bud Smithson, and Rep Ryan McMullen

Rep. Bud Smithson

Rep. Mike Shelton

Co-Chair Ben Odem

Rep. Terry Harrison

Yellow Dogs watch as Rep. Richard Moissette talk about the Issues

Rep Mike Shelton

Thanks to all the Rep. that attend this event, we had a total of sixteen in attendance, not all in this picture.

Rep. Al McAffrey

Rep. Anastasia Pittman

Rep. Eric Protor, Staff Teresa Hill, Rep. Al McAffrey, Rep. James Covey

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