Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Presidential Preferential Primary

Visited with Michael Clingman at the State Election Board today about the 2008 Presidential Preferential Primary. Current law requires that this primary "be held on the first Tuesday in February" unless one or more states having a mutual boundary with Oklahoma establishes a single date for a regional primary. Thus, it appears that the PPP in Oklahoma will be Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2008.

Stay tuned!


Lynn Green said...

How would a regional primary be set up or is this really relevant at this point?

Lisa Pryor said...

Mostly irrelevant at this time. At one time there was talk of a Western states primary, creating a super Tuesday effect, but it looks like that won't happen this time. Many of the Western states are focused on the DNC convention in Denver. Clingman also said returning to a caucus system could have a potential cost savings for the state. The first caucus of 2008 will be Iowa, New Hampshire is expected to hold the first primary. So what do you think? Which is better a caucus or primary?

Lynn Green said...

Definitely a caucus. The caucus insures that those who care most a candidate will make it out to support the candidate. Candidates have to work harder to set up organizations in a state to get out their vote. The work they do can be very instrumental in party building.