Wednesday, January 24, 2007

House Democrats Take Stand for Good Government and Leadership

At last night's State of the Union Watch Party at the ODP HQ our State House Democrats took a strong stand for good government and leadership. The participating representatives were met with enthusiastic applause as they outlined the contrasts between being a noisemaker and being a newsmaker.

The Republicans are good at grabbing headlines and stealing elections but they are hopeless at governing seemed to be one theme of the night -- during the pre-party and throughout the president's speech. Speaking to the room full of Yellow Dog Democrats were Rep. Terry Harrison, Rep. David Braddock, Rep. Glen Bud Smithson, Rep. Eric Proctor, Rep. Neil Brannon, Rep. Rebecca Hamilton, Rep. Al McAffrey, Rep. Scott Inman, Rep. James Covey, Rep. Ryan McMullen, Rep. Mike Shelton, Rep. Anastasia Pittman, Rep. Wallace Collins, Rep. Richard Morrissette. Rep. Ryan Kiesel also attended. Democratic Congressional District 5 Nominee Dr. David Hunter also addressed the group.

"We are the thin red line that stand courageously against the enemy," Rep. Rebecca Hamilton said referring to an Army unit that stood in the breach against the assault of the enemy in the Pacific islands. "We are standing in the breach for you, for Democrats, for the people of this state," Hamilton said.

"The enemy is standing outside the gate and we Democrats must shine a light on their Republican BS," Rep. Morrissette quipped.

"Our job will be easier if you help us recruit solid Democrats with a fire in the belly for good government," said Rep. Ryan McMullen. "We need your support, the support of the grassroots Democrats, the Yellow Dogs, our candidates need your support, and so do we," he said.

"These Republicans, they rule like an authoritarian parent," Rep. Al McAffrey said. "We Democrats, we nurture the people and look for smart efficient ways for government to serve the people."

Rep. James Covey encouraged the group to "work together for a single outcome, unity. Look for common ground and then go get it, together."

Rep. Terry Harrison made an impassioned plea on behalf of Oklahoma's working families. Many of his constituents have been without electricity for days following the devastating ice storm in SE Oklahoma. "It's the Democrats who care about working families, it's the Democrats who will make a difference for them, for us."

"Democrats must not back away from challenging a Republican incumbent," Rep. Eric Proctor said. He recently defeated Mark Liotta in a very red district in Tulsa County. "We cannot be afraid of them, we must go after them because the people are ready for real leadership not rhetoric."

Rep. Scott Inman said that "this is our opportunity to stand up and make a difference for our state, for the people of Oklahoma." He challenged Democrats, and his colleagues to create a new wave of Democrats that harkens back to the leadership, compassion and problem solving of FDR. He concluded by saying that "it is a sin that Oklahoma children do not have access to health care. Democrats can make health care our New Deal."

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