Monday, January 22, 2007

Presidential Race Heats Up Early On The Radio
On KTOK's "Mullins in the Morning" show every Monday at 7:35 a.m., I debate former State Representative Doug Miller (and sometimes the host as well!) on the issues of the day. I never know in advance what the topic will be, which keeps me on my toes. Today was a topic I had guessed in advance-the Presidential race, since there was a flurry of news this weekend on the subject. The very mention of Hillary causes a certain right-wing segment of the populace to get instant heartburn, and she led the topic. Yet the "buzz", that hard to define sixth-sense in politics, indicates to me that this contest is a long way from being decided...but the sense of dread from the Republicans that three of our leading candidates are a woman, an African-American, and a Hispanic was in the air. To put it bluntly, our field of candidates looks a lot more like a cross section of America than does the Republican field of candidates! If the Republicans play the "get thee to the left of me" game too hard in their primaries, they will really hurt their chances of keeping the White House. I said that the voters aren't interested as much in ideology as good judgment-something the voters did not see from this administration and the last Congress. I plugged the blog-let's hope it works ...

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