Thursday, January 04, 2007

Democratic Consultants and Operatives

There's a good blog entry/story in the WaPo about "Transitions in the Democratic Consulting World." One group, Murphy Putnam & Shorr, mentioned was Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry's media consultant in 2002 and 2006. They created those positive tv commercials that Democrats and Republicans alike appreciated in the last election. The same group worked for State Treasurer Scott Meacham. And now they are expected, minus Shorr, to be the media consultant for presidential hopeful New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.

Democrats don't have to go to DC for a Democratic consultant or operative. Oklahoma has a number of Democratic media consultants and operatives including Mike Carrier, Chebon Marshall, Sean Mossman, Jeremy Hendricks, Mark Cain, Don Hoover, and Linda Gray Murphy. There is also a long list of part time operatives who work local campaigns. Former ODP Executive Director Pat Hall, now the principal lobbyist for The Capitol Group, has been a formidable political strategist assisted by former ODP Political Director Brent Wilcox. Over in Tulsa Marvin Branam does some work for candidates.

Who's your favorite Democratic consultant in Oklahoma?

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