Thursday, May 03, 2007

Yes...that actually happened.

As you all know, President Bush vetoed the Iraq War Spending bill, proposed by Democrats in Congress earlier this year. In my mind, using his veto power on this bill shows yet again that George W. Bush doesn't understand Democracy. In a democratic society, government is run by the people, for the people...nothing about Bush's veto was government by the people. In fact, the people have spoken loud and clear throughout this war. We, as the people, want out! We recognize that our military presence there is not the success that was initially predicted. The amount of time, money and resources that we have put into this useless (oil) war have done nothing but set our nation back. And now we find out that even our outrage (and his 28% approval rating) is not enough to end Bush's crusade.

If you are just as upset about this veto as I am, visit this website to voice your concern to Democratic congressmen, and the President himself.

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