Thursday, May 10, 2007

In the Money

Good news for the budget battle at the state capitol....there's now $175 million more than previously expected to allocate. The "spillover" is meaning remaining after filling the state's Rainy Day fund. The funds will likely be spent on one-time expenditures. Read more here.

Rumor has it that a budget agreement is imminent. The first of several "sine die" parties for state legislators was held last night and they are ready to go home, but not before they reach a budget. Expect something very soon.


Lynn Green said...

The time has come for the Democratic Party to take the lead and require a national preferencial primary to be held on the same day for all the states. This move will not be popular particularly in states like New Hampshire and Iowa. We must have an end to this leap frogging and elbowing for position. The primaries once served a purpose of letting delegates to the nominating convention the mind of the party faithful, but now they are about selecting one of the two choices for president. That's too important to be left up to a broken system. The primaries replaced the convention when that system was obviously in need of reform. Now we need a reform of this reform because it is hopelessly broken.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where/when more sine die parties are going to happen? Thanks!