Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Gonzales' Travels Can't Replace His Accountability

United States Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, in Oklahoma City today to promote new initiatives targeting gang and school violence prevention, hopes that by traveling, the American public will forget the scandal he created by the firing of eight U.S. Attorneys. Oklahoma Democratic Party Chairman Lisa Pryor said "while we applaud anti-gang measures, we can not condone a Bush Administration official like Gonzales for being unaccountable to the American citizens." Gonzales has been encouraged to resign not only by Democrats in DC, but by Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom Coburn (CNN/4.20).

"I can tell you, Democrats will continue to hold Mr. Gonzales accountable for his actions. This is about being responsible to the American people. Democrats will stand up to the White House until the full truth emerges," Pryor said. "The Bush Administration's politically motivated manipulation of the Justice Department is reckless at best and criminal at worst. It ruined the careers of good prosecutors, interfered in the criminal justice process and then tried to cover it up when it got caught. Alberto Gonzales is simply the latest player in DC's corrupt lineup of Republicans."

Pryor said Gonzales and the Bush Administration have exhausted their credibility with the American people. Just yesterday, the Associated Press reported that Gonzales gave top aides authority to hire and fire political appointees other than U.S. attorneys.

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