Monday, May 14, 2007

ODP Chairman Lisa Pryor Statement on Jim Roth Appointment to Corporation Commission by Governor Brad Henry on May 14, 2007:

"We're extremely excited to have Democrat Jim Roth appointed to the Corporation Commission. He will be true steward of the people of Oklahoma. I have the utmost confidence that Jim Roth's experience as an Oklahoma County Commissioner and innate sense of justice will help build a stronger Oklahoma for our citizens. The residents of Oklahoma County will have to work hard to elect a county commissioner who did as much for the people as Jim Roth did."


Lynn Green said...

uThis is glad/sad news for us in Oklahoma County. Commissioner Roth has brought a long needed professionalism to his office. He has served with credit and distinction. Jim cannot be replaced in any true sense of the term. He will be sorely missed here. Our loss in OK County is a gain for our state as a whole.
Our work in OK County now becomes the placement a quality Democratic candidate into the District 1 office. We need the help of all Democrats in Oklahoma County for this important challenge.

Anonymous said...

This is a ***GREAT*** step forward for Oklahoma!