Monday, May 07, 2007

5 reasons the GOP faces an uphill climb in '08

From the USA Today....

1. It's mostly about Iraq
2. Excitement is contagious
3. Fewer say they're with GOP
4. Money flowing to Democrats
5. Hunger for change growing

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Lynn Green said...

What we cannot do with this information is believe that the'08 election is going to fall in our laps. That's what the other party thought in '48, and we cannot repeat the attitude and mistakes of 60 years ago.
What we can do is realize that we have an historic opportunity: to create a change of direction in our nation. We have the momentum, but Mr. and Ms. Mo are very shifty people. Now is the time for us to get active so that we can keep them on our side.
You can count on me, and anyone I can bring along with me, to help.