Thursday, May 03, 2007


We asked you to send letters to the editor about President Bush's veto of the Iraq spending bill. See what fellow Oklahoma Democrats wrote to their respective papers.....

Dear Editor:

Finally, Congress is standing up to the President’s listless way of handling the war. I hope they don’t give up and let Bush spend more money on his unfocused shotgun approach. Our troops are saying this isn’t going to work. Or, they were and now since the Veto, it has come out that they are being told not to give their views. They’ve been saying that they are stretched too thin. Our troops and contractors deserve to come home by Christmas. Iraqi people need to be able to rebuild, but our presence keeps drawing fighters who don’t even live there. Our military presence in Iraq is preventing normalcy and stability from returning.

Jim Inhofe is stubbornly wrong about climate change. When will the U.S. government begin doing its part to slow down climate change? It’s a misplaced priority to spend money on a war instead of taking care of Katrina’s aftermath, and solving violence at home. The Virginia Tech massacre is an example—deaths are deaths whether on the streets of Iraq because of us, or on our campuses because we have misplaced our priorities.

Our Governor is doing the right thing by standing up against so-called ‘lawsuit abuse’ spin-doctors. Thanks to our state lawmakers who are helping to protect the peoples’ access to the courts from big corporations that want to take away peoples’ rights. If we didn’t have strong lawmakers who will stand up for us, these rich corporations would have whatever they want, and the people would have noting. Governments and laws should be about helping the people, not about taking away peoples’ rights and spending their money on war.

Kathy Tibbits
Stilwell, Oklahoma


To the Editor:

George W. Bush has tried to tie support for his failed policies in Iraq with support for our brave women and men who are the victims of those policies. I find this a despicable attempt to dodge his failures. It’s much like the religious leaders who tries to claim that all his actions, no matter how immoral, are sanctioned by divine authority because he is a “man of God.” Bush has tried to blame his failure on “bad intelligence.” There he is correct because many people far smarter and wiser told him that this decision was wrong. However, he choose to ignore wise counsel and listen to greedy men, sycophants, and others telling his “itching ears” what they wanted to hear.

Now as he desperately plunges deeper into the swamp that he has created in Iraq, he has the audacity to question the loyalty of women and men who, because they love their country and weep for it’s wounds, tell him that the American people have had enough wastage, enough broken bodies, more, more than enough flag draped coffins, and much more than enough of their president’s preening, posturing, and posing to last us a lifetime. Mr. President, you have lost all moral authority. We must heed those who seek an end this “war-in-search-of-a-reason”.

Mr. R. Lynn Green
Oklahoma City, OK

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