Monday, May 07, 2007

Democrats United on Iraq and Immigration

Democrats remain united in our efforts to change course in Iraq and give our troops a strategy for success. We approach the coming discussions with the White House with an open mind and a sincere desire to move forward.

We are working to craft legislation that transitions the mission because a military solution is unrealistic without a political, diplomatic and economic strategy. Nothing is off the table.

The President may be content with keeping our troops mired in the middle of an open-ended civil war and spending $8 billion a month in Iraq while problems go unaddressed at home. But the American people are not.

We are hopeful that some Congressional Republicans are beginning to realize that that current path in Iraq is unsustainable, and hope those who have remained silent throughout this debate will begin to put their country ahead of their political party.

Our troops and the American public are the ones feeling the consequences of a failed strategy in Iraq - terrorist attacks are up across the globe, April was one of the deadliest months of the Iraq war and our National Guard equipment is in Iraq rather than standing ready to help with disasters here at home. Until there is accountability in Iraq, this Administration and the Iraqi government are getting a free pass. That is wrong.

Senate Democrats are committed to fixing America's broken immigration system in a tough, fair and practical way.

Instead of offering unworkable proposals, the President should work with Democrats to reach a solution both Republicans and Democrats can support.

We need bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform that strengthens border security, reunites families, and creates tough and smart workplace enforcement.

It is time we provide the 12 million people living in the shadows of our society opportunities to pursue the American Dream.

Undocumented immigrants will have to get in the back of the line and earn their way to legalization.

We believe that our immigration laws should be realistic and reflect our nation's values. Our immigration system should make us safer while recognizing the enormous contributions that immigrants make to our nation.

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