Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Access to Justice

Democrats will continue efforts to promote and preserve access to justice for all and will remain vigilant against those who would restrict that access to justice.

Gov. Brad Henry's weekend veto of the Republican sponsored SB 507 was measured and responsible based on flawed constitutional issues and limitations in the measure. Henry has repeatedly stated and demonstrated that he remains open to work for reasonable lawsuit reform with the state legislature.

Support for Henry and his veto pen is very high across the state and in the ranks of pragmatic, progressive, rational legislators.

Support for politicians who govern using highly partisan grandstanding and bickering is waning amongst the voters and even Republicans are questioning the "shove it through at any cost" tactics of their state and national legislative leaders operating in the shadows of the failed and incompetent Bush administration.

The "tort reform" issue may be dead for this session, but our support for access to justice will not die.

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