Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Harvard University Youth Survey

A recent youth survey conducted by the Harvard University Institute of Politics revealed new information about several topics in politics. The survey included several questions in which 18-24 year olds responded. Listed below are some of the main questions and responses from the survey.

When asked whether the UN or the United States should take the lead in solving international crises 74% felt the UN should take the lead. 84% of Democrats agreed the UN should take the lead.

When asked what political party they were affiliated with, 35% said the Democratic Party, 25% Republican Party, and 40% Independent.

When ask whether the country was headed in the right direction, 59% said it was on the wrong track, 13% right track, and 28% were not sure.

When asked if it is right for all people to receive health insurance regardless if they can pay for it 61% said yes.

When asked whether or not protecting the environment should be as high a priority as protecting jobs 68% said yes.

When asked if the U.S. should work to spread freedom and democracy even if it involves significant U.S. casualties only 14% said yes.

The Following are questions with the top 5 responses:

When asked what Democratic candidate they would be voting for in the upcoming 2008 Presidential election:
Barack Obama-35%
Hillary Clinton-29%
John Edwards-9%

When asked what the most important issue in America is:
War (General)-14%
Environment/Global Warming-5%
Foreign Policy-4%

-Cole Hines

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