Sunday, May 20, 2007

Congratulations to New ODP Officers

Congratulations to the new Oklahoma Democratic Party chairman Ivan Holmes, elected Saturday at the 2007 State Convention in Oklahoma City. Holmes will be working with newly elected vicechair Kitti Asberry who recently completed a third term as Oklahoma County chair. Jana Harkins was elected as treasurer. Delegates re-elected state secretary Walter Jenny, Jr. for a second two-year term.

Democratic National Committee Chair Governor Howard Dean delivered the keynote address to enthusiastic applause from te 600+ delegates. Dean said the next elections will be won by speaking simply and from the heart to the voters about our Democratic values ---- especially fairness, toughness and fiscal responsibility.

If you were there let our readers know your thoughts about the convention.


Lisa Pryor said...

Read the convention coverage from The Oklahoman at

Anonymous said...

The Tulsa World's report of the State Convention is here:

Anonymous said...

In spite of logistical nightmares, the ODP convention was a *BIG* step forward for our party and for our state. It will be noted as a watershed event for those of us that want to add to the traditional "old school" approach of party organizing and get our supporters into today's world where both grassroots and netroots [internet grassroots] activities can and are being used to elect Democrats!

Mike W

Lynn Green said...

I have attended each state convention since 1999. This I would put in the top two or three. We were able to meet in fellowship and get some significant business done. We ought to make some changes in the process. I don't think that we really need nominating and seconding speeches. (Though I fear that if we eliminate them speeches the nominations themselves will turn into speeches. For too many people, the most beautiful sound in the world, is the sound of their own voice!)

Aticus88 said...

A big thanks from the unknown for the 2 years of service from Lisa Pryor!!! We've noted the hard work, the trips to county meetings and various groups and the long hours. I know it was not easy. Thanks to Lisa, to the other ODP officers for the last 2 years, and the office staff, interns and all concerned!!!