Tuesday, March 06, 2007

TP's for 3/06

The Bush Administration has mismanaged the war in Iraq, sending our troops to police a civil war without the resources they need and sending our wounded into despicable conditions at Walter Reed and across the VA health care system. Our heroes deserve better, and Democrats are committed to fixing the problems and giving them the treatment they have earned.

Walter Reed

The Bush Administration has utterly failed to keep the promise we make to each and every member of the Armed Services when they sign up.

For four years, the President has mismanaged the war in Iraq with a casual disregard that allows our troops to enter battle without the armor they need and to return home without the medical treatment they deserve.

From the lack of body armor for our troops, to the atrocious conditions wounded troops face at Walter Reed, to the breakdowns in the Veterans Health Care system, the time has come for change.

The Bush Administration has lost its credibility with the American people. The President may not welcome Congressional oversight, but the country demands it.

Senate Democrats are committed to fixing the problems our troops face by establishing a system that meets their needs and finds comprehensive solutions for our heroes, from the battlefield to the local VA and everywhere in between.

9/11 Commission Recommendations

The American people deserve the tough and smart homeland security policies that will keep them safe. Democrats will implement the unfinished recommendations of the bipartisan 9/11 Commission.

The same President that initially opposed the Department of Homeland Security and initially opposed the 9/11 Commission has signaled that he may oppose the most sweeping improvement to America's homeland security in the past several years.

Once again, his loyal Senate Republicans are standing by his side to put politics ahead of national security.

Democrats are fighting for a change from failed Bush policies at home that have made the world more dangerous and America less safe. Republicans can only just say no.

Senate Republicans have twice given a green light to escalate the war in Iraq. Now they're providing even more political cover for the President by threatening to block the 9/11 bill.

It is time for Republicans to put protecting the American people before protecting President Bush.

U.S. Attorney's

U.S. Attorneys have immense power to effect lives and careers by the decisions they make - it is very important that they are able to do their jobs independent of politics.

The news that the Bush Administration may have been using the U.S. Attorney's office as a training ground for political cronies is deeply disturbing.

From what we've seen of the performance reviews, the Justice Department's claim that these prosecutors were fired for poor performance simply doesn't seem to be true.

The Bush Administration has gone too far, and Democrats will hold them accountable for change.

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