Monday, March 19, 2007

Gov. Bill Richardson -- Moving Up

The Sooner State got an impressive introduction to Democratic presidential nominee hopeful New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson at an OKC fundraiser yesterday. Richardson spoke, at length, to the press and then to about 60 Oklahomans interested in what the only sitting governor in the field of candidates has to offer America. The governor offered up his executive experience as governor of New Mexico and his cabinet level experience in Washington as Secretary of Energy under President Bill Clinton. He also discussed his service to the country as Ambassador to the United Nations saying his experience and his stature with other nations is key to bringing our country back from a precipitious partisan divide. In a somewhat self-deprecating manner he noted that he's "not a rock star" rather he's a hard working governor of a southwestern state of mixed heritage who has proven leadership at home and abroad. About his place in the polls, he said numerous times, "I'm moving up!"

Richardson introduced Tulsan Jim East as his Oklahoma Campaign Director.

The early afternoon reception had as its background the dome of the state capitol as viewed from the backyard of OKC attorney Sid Musser. I enjoyed meeting the governor again and also seeing the strong consideration that our Democrats are giving to all of our presidential candidates.

Some of the elected officials attending included: Insurance Commissioner Kim Holland, State Treasurer Scott Meacham, Rep. Richard Morrissette, Rep. Al McAffrey, Oklahoma County Commissioner Jim Roth, former Governor David Walters and former First Lady Rhonda Walters.

Many young local Democratic activists attended including Mandy Winton, Kathy North, Jeremy Hendricks, Russell Griffin, Kassie McCoy, and Hunter Musser -- as well as two of our ODP staff Courtney Ruark and Jason McCarty.

I enjoyed visiting with Carol Ruth, Mary Grace, Tim Reese, and Richard Mildren.

It was good to see Chris Bryant, Curtis Speaker, Forrest Rush, Tim Mauldin, Betty McElderry, and Mack Miller.

Photos from the event have been posted by host Tim Reese here.

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