Wednesday, March 28, 2007

2007 State Convention Credentials Committee

The credentials committee will
o Prepare a list of delegates certified by the State Secretary as delegates to the Convention,
o Hear challenges to any delegate’s right to be seated at the Convention meeting,
o Make prior arrangements for an orderly process in distributing credentials, including arranging credentials tables at district and state conventions to group counties in alphabetical order without regard to congressional district,
o Prepare a credential’s “badge” to present to each certified Convention delegate,
o Report to the Convention on the number of delegates issued credentials and or the resolution of any dispute,
o Review and record valid proxy statements,
o Remain open until the adjournment of the Convention meeting; and
o Make revised reports to the Convention as may be required.

2007 State Convention Credentials Committee
Vickie Williams - Chair
• Darla Howe-Pierce, CD 1
• Jack Boyte, CD 1
• Freida Wilcox, CD 2
• Sen. Jim Wilson, CD 2
• Edna Brookfield, CD 2
• Gene Moses, CD 3
• Juanita King, CD 3
• Linda Wade, CD 4
• Brent Wilcox, CD 4
• Juanita Sykes-Vasquez, CD 5
• James Baggett, CD 5
• Lillie Buckner, CD 5
• Rose Ann Jenny, OFDW
• Mark Floyd, YDO
• Victor Gorin, Stonewall

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