Friday, March 02, 2007

Al Gore's visit a wild success.

Former Vice President Al Gore visited the University of Oklahoma campus on Wednesday as part of his continuing effort to educate the public about climate change and global warming. For hours before the four o'clock event, people lined up around the Lloyd Noble Center in anticipation of the event in order to be one of the first ones inside. The Stadium in a matter of no time quickly filled with people on all three sides of the stage. The Oklahoman is reporting attendance to the event totaled 7,000 people. The event had more people in attendance then visits from former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

As Al Gore entered the building, he recieved a rockstar worthy greeting from everyone present. Gore started off his presentation with a round of jokes that were received with a roaring wave of laughter. He quickly settled down in to the serious manner at hand, and got down to business. His presentation on Wednesday closely followed the slides that he shows in his movie, An Inconvenient Truth. However, the presentation he showed at the Lloyd Noble Center had some more updated findings and new statistical information added in. Much of what Gore said during his speech was met with standing ovations of support from the crowd.

The most important theme that Gore tried to relate to the people in attendance was that even though Global Warming is a real crisis, it's a crisis that we all still have the power to mitigate. After the event at a dinner banquet, Gore once again answered that he's not currently interested in entering the 2008 presidential race.

- Jordan Endicott

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Christopher Botkin said...

I find it funny the candidate I want to run most is not running.

He should at least make his way back into the Senate.