Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Senator Corn and Rabon Take a Stand on Trespassing

Tuesday Senator Kenneth Corn along with his Democratic colleague Jeff Rabon took a stand on trespassing in Oklahoma. It is well known in Oklahoma that outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing have long been a part of the states culture. The problem that Senators Corn and Rabon are trying to address would be that of making sure proper steps are taken in order to eliminate trespassing on private property without permission. On the issue Senator Corn had this to say, "There are people who have invested their entire lives in the property which they have, and it's not fair for someone just to come upon their property and do as they wish, Corn added, calling the ability to own property and protect it one of Oklahomans' most sacred rights." Once the Senators had voiced their concerns the bill passed with strong support. To read more on this story click here.

-Cole Hines

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