Monday, March 19, 2007

A Change is Gonna Come

Today's OKC appearance by Sen. Barack Obama bodes well for the Democratic ticket and for America...the freshman senator from Illinois took the stage and left with the hearts of many who attended the 3:30 p.m. rally at the OKC Farmers Market. Many there were attending their first political rally --- ever; and there were even some Republicans!

Speaking to a capacity crowd of 1,000 + Obama explained that his campaign is for the people, when a million people decide to make a change in Oklahoma, in America then change will come, he said. (He obviously did his homework on Oklahoma since there are just over a million registered Democrats in the state.) The change began in November when Democrats took control of Congress and it's expected to continue through November 2008.

Organizers were pleased at the turnout in Tulsa earlier in the day and very pleased at the enthusiastic crowd at the public rally in OKC before a private high dollar fundraiser in Nichols Hills.

Some of the elected Democrats and party officials I saw at the event included OK County Commissioner Jim Roth, Sen. Andrew Rice, Sen. Tom Adelson, Rep. Ryan Kiesel, Rep. Al McAffrey, Rep. Anastasia Pittman, Rep. Mike Shelton, OK County chair Kitti Asberry, ODP vice chair Ben Odom, and ODP secretary Walter Jenny. Tulsa County chair Patti Basnett was also there as was former Tulsa County chair Elaine Dodd.

At the ODP we saw at least 950 new faces at HQ in the past week --- they were picking up tickets for the rally, many wanted to register to vote and a good number wanted to change their registration from Republican to Democratic --- inspired by Obama.

If you missed the event and the news coverage listen to his speech at the DNC winter meeting posted here in February.

For more information about the campaign visit Obama's website at

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Jana said...

I had an opportunity to attend the rally and the OKC fundraising reception. Senator Obama is awesome, but what has me walking on Cloud 9 is the enthusiam of those attending the rally. So many young people, so many first timers; a real snapshot of America--an America that is more than ready for a change.

I was interviewed by John Clanton with the Daily Oklahoman on yesterday. This link is a video clip of part of the interview. I was also interviewed by the New York Times, but I don't think they used my comments.

Once Clarence transfers his pics from the camera to the computer, I will share.