Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cargill Says NO Debate,
Family Farmers and Democrats Say Let's Talk It's a Good Idea

The following press release was forwarded to us announcing a planned March 12th press conference on the south steps of the state capitol.

According to the release House Speaker Cargill has refused to allow a bill on the floor that would limit Big Brother's farm animal tracking in Oklahoma. The tracking program National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is a program of the USDA. According to their website the NO NAIS group is opposing forced participation and protecting traditional rights to farm. Read more about the two sides at their websites and read the local release below.

For: Committee Substitute to HB 1842

An Act mandating that the state shall not establish or participate in an animal

identification program.

HB 1842 sponsored by Representative Wallace Collins

Senate Author Kenneth Corn

Press Conference at:

11:30AM until 2:00PM. March 12th South Plaza of the Capitol

Wallace Collins submitted Committee Substitute to HB 1842 but the house leadership is not allowing it to be heard.

Don Grissom of Norman, a Wallace Collins constituent, asked him to support legislation to stop The National Animal Identification System from being implemented in Oklahoma.

Grissom says The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is a regulation written by and for the big food Corporations, like Cargill and Monsanto, to control the food supply, to their advantage. It will adversely affect the smaller operator and farmer, driving more farmers out of business and therefore weakening America.

But Speaker Cargill will not allow the bill to even be heard. He has made speeches about making the process more open and he turns around and denies an important bill, to so many of us. Is he working for us or Cargill and Monsanto? Where does his interest in this lie?

Sue Karber, of Kingfisher, a leader in the No NAIS movement in Oklahoma, Says The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is not voluntary as the USDA propaganda machine says it is. Ask Bonnie Jo Jameson.

Bonnie Jo Jameson of Webbers Falls says; Our 15 year old daughter has a market goat as her FFA project. She was FORCED to sign up through her FFA school program. I am furious. I called NAIS and they gave me the "story." OK NAIS is PAYING FFA $5 to $10 for every premise they sign up. The kids are supposed to go to their neighbors and get them to sign up.

My husband and I are outraged and contacted the school, Webbers Falls High School. The Ag teacher said the cards are REQUIRED for the kids to show their animals. The high school principal had never heard of NAIS and she owns horses and her young daughter has pigs.

Sue Karber says does that sounds like voluntary?

Grissom & Karber have called for a Press Conference and public rally on the south steps of the State Capitol to demonstrate to the House Leadership that the public, especially farmers, want this bill heard.

Grissom says If you eat, you should be there.

Speakers will include:

Rep. Wallace Collins, Rep. Dale Turner, Rep. Jerry McPeak

Senator Kenneth Corn, Attorney Harlan Hentges, Sierra Club Legislative Chair Dr. Charles Wesner, Rancher Bonnie Jo Jameson

More speakers to be announced

Contact: Don Grissom 405-822-4072 or Sue Karber 405-375-3595

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Jan Lytle said...

Thank you Ok Blue Notes and Lisa Pryor for bring this serious issue and its mandate to the light of Ok. farmers and ranchers.
We must have grass roots involvement in this Ok. issue or before we know it this mandate will be falling down on our farms from the state level as a mandatory law. Dairy and Cattleman in Wisconsin are being sent threatening and harrassing letters that they must sign up their farms with a USDA Premise ID or else..many are refusing and could be facing jail time and stiff fines. Ok. Farmers and Ranchers need to wake up and smell the New and Improved USDA the one that now has the power to shut down your farm or ranch or confiscate your animals if you do not comply with their NAIS System...should it be voted mandatory in Oklahoma as it has in so many other states..
This about control over your property and your animals for profit. Corp Ag and the USDA wants you out of business or under their complete control with this national animal system.