Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Obama in Oklahoma City

Barack Obama spoke to over 1,000 people yesterday at the Oklahoma City Antique Farmers Market. His message was clear: America needs change. From healthcare reforms to creating and using renewable energy sources, Obama's take on the issues puts the everyday American back in control of government. He is clearly a candidate of the people, and for the people.

Senator Obama took time during his visit to sign books, as well as meet with as many voters as possible.

To his left are interns Nicole Morgan, and Lacey Earls and ODP Projects Coordinator Lindsey Coster. On the Senator's right is intern Jake Andrews, and DNC Partnership Project Organizer Courtney Ruark.

Overall, Obama's appearance was a complete success. Drawing in even a few registered Republicans, he is already proving to be a real uniter, not a divider.

For more information on Barack Obama or how you can help out with his campaign, visit his website here.

-Nicole Morgan

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