Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Schools Held Hostage

If Speaker Cargill and his Republican cronies don't stop the political games at the state capitol now, local school districts will be held hostage to their greed and lack of compassion. Teachers will be fired, classrooms will be overcrowded and learning will be limited.

The Republicans' refusal to act now to provide the funds to schools to pay their teachers seriously impedes classroom instruction and student progress.

I had hoped that Cargill was different from the former speaker of the House Todd Hiett when it came to important public matters, but alas, he apparently is not. Like Hiett, Cargill appears to be a schoolyard bully shaking down schools for their lunch money.

Mr. Speaker, lay aside the backroom deals and political games, do the right thing, make good on Oklahoma's promises to our schools, to our teachers and to our students.

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